some bullshit for 3g sv650 2016+

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Used booster plug. Whatever the fuck that is. 

Here's their site. it's vague. they also claim it's difficult to go to a dyno place to get a pcV mapped, so any claims they make are debatable. 

"Fuel Injection upgrades on the Suzuki SV 650 are usually expensive and complicated. The BoosterPlug is a better and proven tuning alternative." Yep. Instead spend a little money and get no benefit. Channel your inner 2000s honda boi and get that powerchip

"The BoosterPlug requires no programming or advanced mechanical work, and it's easy and fast to install. No additional parts or modifications required." super easy. plug it in and watch as nothing at all happens right before your very eyes!

A true plug and play solution that will make your bike perform so much better:
- Improved and softer throttle response
- Improved acceleration performance
- No more low speed surging
- Stronger idle - no more stalling problems
- Little to no popping in your aftermarket exhaust
Some added benefits that are 100% accurate
- A lighter wallet
- A random bunch of wires sticking out looking like they do something
- No more excuses for sucking
- Stronger sense of accomplishment
- Little to no actual effect 
- Lots of popping in your mouth (with the addition of the optional bubblegum)
If you're local, I will hand deliver this and include a free kick in the dick. 

Most of the parts we sell are used parts. We try very hard to make sure everything is working as expected, or any issues are listed, but sometimes some "surprises" slip through the cracks. If any part isn't as expected, please get in touch and we'll make it right. 

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