#1334-41T Rear Sprocket - CB1000 CB1100 CB450 CB750 VF1000 VFR750  - Hard Anodized Aluminum

#1334-41T Rear Sprocket - CB1000 CB1100 CB450 CB750 VF1000 VFR750 - Hard Anodized Aluminum

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41 teeth

Potentially fits the following models (please check the official sources for part numbers, most supersprox part numbers are the same as JT Rear Sprockets part number)

  • HONDA CB1000 FP,FR,FS,FT,FV,FW BIG 1 SC3093-98
  • HONDA CB1100 F USA83
  • HONDA CB1100 F SC1183
  • HONDA CB1100 RB SC0581
  • HONDA CB1100 RC,RD SC08 1982-1983
  • HONDA CB450 DXK89-92
  • HONDA CB450 NFPC1485
  • HONDA CB450 Night Hawk
  • HONDA CB450 SC Nighthawk USA82-86
  • HONDA CB750 CA,CB,CDB Custom Japan
  • HONDA CB750 F Bol d’Or
  • HONDA CB750 F USA80-82
  • HONDA CB750 F-A,B,C,D, (5 Speed)80-82
  • HONDA CB750 F2C,F2D
  • HONDA CB750 SC USA 1982-1983
  • HONDA CB750 SC Night Hawk82
  • HONDA CB900 Bol d ‘Or79-82
  • HONDA CB900 F,F2-A,B,C,D79-84
  • HONDA CBR1000 FH,FJ Hurricane SC2187-88
  • HONDA CBR1000 FK,FL,FM,FN,FP,FR,FS Hurricane SC24 1989-1995
  • HONDA CBR1000 FT,FV,FW,FX,FY SC2496-00
  • HONDA CBR400 R
  • HONDA CBR500 F-H,J87-88
  • HONDA CBR600 F Hurricane USA87-90
  • HONDA CBR600 FH,FJ,FK,FLPC19/2387-90
  • HONDA CBR750 FH,FJ Super Aero RC27 Japan
  • HONDA CBX1000 A ProLink80
  • HONDA CBX1000 B,C ProLink SC0680-82
  • HONDA CBX400 F-F2
  • HONDA CBX550 FC,F2,F2C82-85
  • HONDA CBX550 FC,F2,F2CGermany 1982-1983
  • HONDA CBX550 FD,F2D PC0481-86
  • HONDA CBX750 FE,FG,F2G RC17 1984-1986
  • HONDA CM450 A HONDA matic USA83
  • HONDA FT400 C Japan
  • HONDA FT500 Ascot USA 1982-1983
  • HONDA FT500 C PC0782-84
  • HONDA VF1000 FE Interceptor84
  • HONDA VF1000 FF,F2F SC15 1984-1985
  • HONDA VF1000 RE,RF,RGSC16 1984-1986
  • HONDA VF1000 RF,RG USA85-86
  • HONDA VF400 FD83-86
  • HONDA VF500 C - V30 Magna 1984-1985
  • HONDA VF500 F Interceptor USA 1984-1985
  • HONDA VF500 F Interceptor USA86
  • HONDA VF500 FD,FE,F2EPC12 1984-1985
  • HONDA VF500 FF Australia85
  • HONDA VF500 FF,F2F85-87
  • HONDA VF700 F Interceptor USA 1984-1985
  • HONDA VF750 C V45 MagnaRC4394-04
  • HONDA VF750 CD/CD2 V45 Magna Deluxe95-04
  • HONDA VF750 F96
  • HONDA VF750 FD,FE,FF V45 Interceptor RC15 1983-1985
  • HONDA VFR700 F Interceptor USA 1986-1988
  • HONDA VFR750 F Interceptor USA86
  • HONDA VFR750 FG,FH,FJ,FKRC2486-89
  • HONDA VFR750 FJ,FK RC24 France88-89

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