#735-40T Rear Sprocket - Ducati 600 Monster, 620, Multistrada,  900SS - Hard Anodized Aluminum

#735-40T Rear Sprocket - Ducati 600 Monster, 620, Multistrada, 900SS - Hard Anodized Aluminum

Regular price $35.00
40 teeth

Potentially fits the following models (please check the official sources for part numbers, most supersprox part numbers are the same as JT Rear Sprockets part number)

  • Ducati400 Monster (Japan Only)01-04JTF73615
  • Ducati400 Monster (Japan Only)05-08JTF73615
  • Ducati400 SS Junior Super Sport92-9614
  • Ducati600 Monster 0296194JTF73615
  • Ducati600 Monster 0296295-98JTF73614
  • Ducati600 Monster99-01JTF73615
  • Ducati600 SS 0185294JTF73614
  • Ducati600 SS 0185395-99JTF73615
  • Ducati620 Monster Dark MD Monodisco4JTF73615
  • Ducati620 Monster Dark04-06JTF73615
  • Ducati620 Monster Dark3JTF73615
  • Ducati620 Monster i.e.02-03JTF73615
  • Ducati620 Monster i.e.04-06JTF73615
  • Ducati620 Multistrada Dark05-06JTF73615
  • Ducati620 Multistrada05-06JTF73615
  • Ducati620 S Monster i.e.02-03JTF73615
  • Ducati620 S Monster i.e.04-06JTF73615
  • Ducati620 Sport3JTF73615
  • Ducati695 Monster07-08JTF73615
  • Ducati696 Monster08-11JTF73615
  • Ducati696 Monster12-14JTF73615
  • Ducati750 Monster i.e. Dark2JTF73615
  • Ducati750 Monster i.e.2JTF73615
  • Ducati750 Monster96-97JTF73615
  • Ducati750 Monster98-01JTF73615
  • Ducati750 Sport2JTF73615
  • Ducati750 SS91-98JTF73615
  • Ducati750 SS99-02JTF73614
  • Ducati800 Monster Dark3JTF73615
  • Ducati800 Monster i.e.03-04JTF73615
  • Ducati800 Sport3JTF73615
  • Ducati800 SS03-06JTF73615
  • Ducati800 SS7JTF73615
  • Ducati851 SP90JTF73615
  • Ducati851 SP91JTF73615
  • Ducati851 Strada Biposto90-92JTF73615
  • Ducati851 Strada89-92JTF73615
  • Ducati888 Strada93-94JTF73615
  • Ducati900 MH900 e2JTF73615
  • Ducati900 Monster i.e. 2000-2001JTF73615
  • Ducati900 Monster i.e.2JTF73615
  • Ducati900 Monster94-98JTF73615
  • Ducati900 Monster99JTF73615
  • Ducati900 SS98-02JTF73615
  • Ducati900 Super Light92-98JTF73615
  • Ducati900 Super Sport89-92JTF73615
  • Ducati907 I.E.91-9215
  • Ducati907 Paso Sports90-93JTF73715

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