Fischer MRX

The *only* source on the internet for new old stock Fischer MRX parts. If it's not here, it's either an extinct part or we haven't listed it yet. If you have a specific request, please contact us. Also, please note that a lot of MRX parts are shared with the 05-09 Hyosung GT650, so if it's mechanical, or it's electric, there's a good chance you can get it from a Hyosung store. If you need a part number to look for, we may know it. So feel free to email. 

Please contact us for any parts requests for now. 

Note: We will NOT sell Fischer-specific parts to non-Owners. These are rare bikes, parts will not likely be available ever again, and it would be a shame to leave someone with an MRX unable to use it because someone put their parts on something else. If you order a Fischer part, expect an email asking to confirm that it's going onto an MRX.