An Interesting Side-Effect to Proper Body Positioning

We’ve all heard the benefits of BP for road speed corners…. Increased clearance, increased traction, reduced anxiety, aerodynamic drag towards the inside, etc. Something that I’ve not seen mentioned anywhere yet, is that it makes countersteering the bike easier and more intuitive. 

Your shoulders are pointed into the turn. Your outside arm is straight. There is very little that arm can do except PULL on the bar. It’s not able to provide much of a push just because pushing is an awkward motion. It also can’t fight the inside hand very much. Your inside hand is the one driving the bike to lean, by pushing forward on the bar. That hand has plenty of range of motion available (it’s bent). 

There’s a concept in software development called “Falling Into the Pit of Success” (basically meaning that you can’t help but do it the right way). This is one of those moments where doing one thing will help you do the other nearly unrelated thing easier. 

If you look at the rider here (forget everything else about ergos and little bikes) it's HARD for him to push forward on the right bar. But easy for him to pull. 

No, this is not a silver bullet. It is just one small component that I noticed. 




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