Trainspotting: Transmission Differences 1g/03/04+

The only significant difference between 99-02 1g, 2003 2g, and 2004+ 2g is the countershaft. EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE TRANSMISSION IS THE SAME! (at least based on part numbers on partzilla). Gear shifting parts are slightly different, but  that's easy to eyeball

1g 99-02 and 2003 use SHAFT, COUNTER (NT:13) 24120-19F00

2004+ uses SHAFT, COUNTER (NT:13) 24120-27G00 

the unfortunate thing about this... is that 2003 engine cases are different from 2004+ JUST BECAUSE OF THIS

CRANKCASE SET | MODEL K3 11301-20860

CRANKCASE SET | MODEL K4/K5/K6/K7 11301-20883


I still need to work on figuring out how to tell the countershafts and cases apart though since visually they're the same 

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