motor compatibility for 1g/2g/sfv/3g sv650

Thanks Sam for helping me with this one... check out if you havent yet! 

1g and early 2g motors are similar enough that you can swap them

you need the stator/flywheel/rear intake manifold/thermostat/rear header off the bike you're swapping it into. 

late 2g (dual plug) motors can be swapped into earlier models and just leave the second set of plugs disconnected

early motors CAN work with dual plug ecus (you would need to use single plug coils and make an adapter) 

gladius motors swap right over into late 2g. same idea (dont use the second set of plugs) with early 2g. and stator/flywheel/manifold/etc for 1g. 

3g is basically the gladius motor so same as gladius, fits anything, needs parts swapped for 1g, sparks get left alone for early 2g. 

1g and early 2g (03-06) is the sweetspot since they can take ANY motor from any bike with very simple adjustments


2022 update: we learned that you can make a little adapter from dual plug harness to a single plug coil, which allows us to run ANY motor on any bike. 

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