My Poor SV1000 Can't Hang

someone asked me why my sv1k is the hardest of my bikes for me to ride. Here is my answer. 

a few reasons and a few reasons the other bikes don't have those problems:

starting with bikes:

  1. grom - well that's obviously easy as hell since I race equivalent sized bikes and spend a lot of time doing silly things like yeet-grom-do (my own stupid invention)

  2. sv650 street/demo bike version - lighter, better setup, taller (extra height on the rear), narrower tire (so quicker steering) etc.

  3. sv650 track - even lighter, good setup, great tires when up to temp, etc. (and low cost of failure since dropping it would result in shrugging)

  4. te610 - infinite front end grip. super tall. very light. telepathic almost in cornering. you can ride it sitting sidesaddle faster than most people can go at full tilt

  5. honda 919 - it's like riding a marshmallow. low pegs, wide bar, super smooth motor. not a very performant bike but quite easy to make it do anything within its performance envelope

  6. kayo mr125gp - whole nother planet, more similar to the grom than anything else. half the size of the 1k. 1/3rd of the weight (like 150lbs) etc

the rest are projects or whatever so dont count

as far as the sv1000:

-all the sv1000s are too heavy. the weight really shows doing tight knee down circles. you can pretty much see what bike does what in a 20-40 foot circle. the 1k definitely does NOT want to do things as tight as the 650

-all the sv1000s have too much power for this drill. you need buttery smooth throttle control instead of the lurch that the sv1k provides. it's HARD to do on the k but nowhere near as hard on the 650 even with the 1/4turn throttle

-all the sv1000s have the fatter 180 tire so they're not as nimble as the 650 when going to angle

-all the sv1000s are much happier at faster speeds. i do these drills at like 15mph which is either lurching around in 1st or bogging in 2nd on the 1k.

-this specific one is a bit too low. there's a gsxrwhatever shock that id really like to be an inch taller.

-this specific one has a seat and tank that are too slippery. need to re-wrap the seat in a grippier material and get tank grips. not a priority since I mostly use the 1k for highway and commutes.

-this specific one is not on the freshest tires

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