Rare/Hard to find/Expensive Parts

A lot of times I'll get a question as to why something is so expensive. A lot of it has to do with availability, market forces, etc. But off the top of my head, here are some parts everyone is always shocked by prices

  • 1g and 2g Gas tanks that aren't rusty or damaged. Expect $300+ because they aren't common and getting less so with people smashing their bikes into the ground or letting them rot outside
  • 1g N gauge clusters with an intact tachometer side. Pretty much guaranteed to be broken in a tipover, these just die so easily. Or crack from too much sun. Or peel tach faces
  • 2g N triple tree sets. The offset is different between S and N, so you need both the upper and the lower if swapping. the problem is, it's damn near impossible to tell which lower is which from pics. So if you have a set that is off an N, you grab both. If you do hammer an S top onto a N lower, you'll have bent your forks to do it.
  • 1g CDI box. These are also somewhat compatible with the hyosung gt650 box and sv400 (which gives you some extra revs). As people's RRs fry their bikes, these often go with them. Although mostly it seems like "everyone is selling it for blah so I will sell it for the same" 
  • 1g solo seat cowl. Oem or not, there just aren't many left. And paint is expensive
  • 2g radiator shrouds. The plastic ones that bolt on outside. Very few made and highly in demand/often asked about
  • Anything OEM YAV Orange (2003 copper bikes). I may have something to do with that since I'm always buying spares for mine. Possibly the most expensive color because it's a single year, not many of those bikes made, etc. Seat cowls and lowers seem to be especially rare. 
  • Speaking of 2003s... 2003 Gel or aftermarket Seats. Cause they only fit 2003's and there weren't many made.
  • 2003 specific side triangles. see above
  • 1g lowers. they just don't exist
  • 707 Racing rear linkages for 2g. These make a 2g have a straight rate rear suspension. They're expensive to make for the guy doing them, and not a lot of them on the used market. 
  • Penske/Ohlins etc. They're $1300+ new, so of course they're a lot used as well. 
  • The custom GSXR swap triples which let you keep the ignition location and have gauge mounting provisions as well. They were a bunch of money new, and no longer being made. 
  • Leo Vince 1g and 2g full exhausts. No longer available and long believed to make a bunch of power. 

If you've got some of these... hit me up, I may want them for my bikes, or may have a buyer asking for them!

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