Sneaky Little Road

short little clip with a lot of potential lessons.
The first turn is a sneaky bastard. over 90 degrees and usually has gravel washing down at the exit. i've actually spun my car there ages ago thinking i was Colin McRae. Even though usually 15mph marked turns are just fine at a little higher speeds, this one isn't.
Lesson 1: don't let the signs and what things look like eat up your margin for error. There's always an unexpected something (in this case a couple unexpected somethings) behind a blind corner.

The other sneaky bastard on this stretch of road is around 20 seconds. It's a slight right with a medium left after it. No big deal, right? Except that there are 2 humps in the road. And riding it the intuitive way (sorta splitting the difference) will result in catching air and by the time you land, you have 0 seconds to make the turn.
Lesson 2: just because it looks obvious, doesn't mean it is. This is the same issue people commonly have on Kelly drive at the kink (which looks like a right hander, but is actually a quick left right after a crest followed by a right).

And then people wonder why I start rides with a comment of "don't follow me, it probably won't work"

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