There Is No Such Thing As Too Much BP/Headturn

Newer riders will often have difficulty getting their head turned enough for maneuvers, and will almost always feel their body position and head turn is too aggressive for what they're doing. Anthony McAuliffe (not a motorcyclist but a man of few but effective words) would likely answer that the same way he answered the Germans: Nuts! 

Head Turns: look all the way through the turn to let yourself aim the bike. We hear this... in about every single video or article. But hey, what if I turned my head and this is still hard? Probably because you can turn it more. But hey, what if I've got a neck thing? Even if you don't, turn your shoulders to allow to look through the turn more. 

The reason that there isn't such a thing as too much of a head turn, is because there is an obvious limit to where you need your vision (the end of the corner). If you're not looking at the exit of the corner when you're entering it, you can do more. 

Slow Corners:  by moving your body to the outside of the bike, you increase the lean angle of the bike allowing it to turn tighter while staying balanced. The thing is, the "omg I'm doing so much" is usually only a few inches outside of center for most riders. Coupled with a "too much" of a head turn, moving your body out makes these maneuvers easier. There is a logical endpoint to this, which is somewhere around when you cant reach the inside peg anymore, but 

Fast Corners: by moving your upper body (and possibly lower body) to the inside of the bike, you decrease the lean angle of the bike and increase traction. You also are in a better position to save a slide, make turning easier for yourself, and a slew of other advantages. So here's my question: how can there be too much of that? Get your shoulders over more. Yes more. Yes even more. And when you think you're doing a ridiculous amount of that... have someone take a pic and you'll realize you still have more to move over. Concentrate on the shoulders not the knee/butt. Your shoulders do much more to stand up the bike than your lower body. The logical endpoint for how much you can get your shoulders over is when you can no longer reach the outside bar... 

While the head turn and bp may feel over exaggerated, it's probably more of a "not-enough". I'm especially guilty of this since every time I see pictures I realize I need to get my torso lower and can get my shoulders over more. 

Oh yeah, if you're dragging elbows... why are you reading my articles aimed at newer riders?

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