What oil do I use in my bike?

Don't ask this question. Ever. 

People have been banned from forums because of how heated oil threads get.

 If you must... the quick rundown is, either a) motorcycle-specific engine oil or b) car oil WITHOUT FRICTION MODIFIERS.  Friction modifiers will make your clutch slip. 

 this symbol will have "what's in it" on the can. Shoot for one that doesn't have anything. 

The most common answer for the "car oil in a bike", which is an oil run by hundreds of sv guys for many miles is Rotella T6 synthetic. Yes it's a turbo car or truck oil. No friction modifiers. And fairly cheap. Will it save your motor? who the hell knows. Will it cause clutch damage? No. How often should you change it? Often. 

If you're baller af? Motul 300v. Or any other motorcycle oil. 



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