What's the Fastest _____ Can Go?


Not a week goes by without the groups/forums/etc  asking this question. "What's the fastest you've gone?" or "What's the top speed?". Whether it's the sv650, the sv1000, or some other bike, it's routinely asked and hotly debated. It's like an oil thread with people throwing out wild or silly or useless arguments and almost always turns into a locked thread.

Here's my take on it: it's a bullshit question with a meaningless answer. 

variables: drafting or solo, road/air temperature, road surface, tire type/pressure/size, rider size, rider gear, gearing, mods, elevation, road grade, chain condition, fuel temperature, and probably a dozen more. 

what you see on the speedometer: probably wrong. bikes anywhere from 10% high from the factory to 25% with gearing changes

meaningless: because there is 1 place the true mph matters and that's bonneville. everywhere else, it doesn't actually matter if you're going 149 or 151 since you still need to see, react, adjust to traffic or for turns etc. 

low skill: it takes literally 0 ability to get a bike maxed out in a straight line. surviving the experience may take a bit more... 

counterproductive: makes new riders think bikes are all about top end. Makes 2 week old riders hit the highways with limited skill. Makes people dead.  

lame: my crappy mazdaspeed6 had more topend than my sv1k >< and that was literally a family hauler. 

Jail: nothing will get you locked up [faster] than trying to find this out on a public road. And guess what, that cop car is perfectly capable of catching you if he wants to


random useless bit of info: the stock sv gauge cluster cannot interpret speeds over 180mph (it just wont register). Not really relevant since exactly 0 of them get to that speed. 

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