The Frankenbike - an SV built from donated parts

A long time ago on far far away my friend Ofir was nominated to build a bike out of donated parts. I even sent him a titled frame hanging around. Here are some highlights from that thread (which is here: ) There are tons of good posts there but ill just archive the pics 

ofir also has stuff on his blog



The idea for a FrankenBike build started in this threadthis post, with OfirMX being nominated and accepting to do the build.

The challenge is to build an SV650 completely from spare parts donated by SVR members. We all know SVR folks are the most generous and helpful people on the planet, and with Ofir at the helm, I believe we can pull it off.

This will be like the Pay It Forward thread. Of course Ofir will be a focused recipient here but will be paying shipping, so in no way is this a freebie. Shipping is going to add up. In return, Ofir will share all the gory build details with photos and documentation as the parts arrive and build progresses. 

If for any reason the project doesn't complete, all donated parts will go up for grabs in the SVR Pay It Forward thread. 

Donators will gain by contributing to a fun project, bask in good karma, and have a chance to clear unused stuff from our over-stuffed garages.

Gen1 build vs gen2 will be determined by first suitable frame donation.

Here is a start:

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i can send you a spare first gen frame ...
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Think I saw a free 1st gen engine posted earlier. You're off to a good start.
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i might have an airbox for it too

Hey man, we're almost there!

If you have any SV parts you'd like to contribute, please post'em up and let the build begin!


It's here! It's here!



































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