diy gauge mounting on sv650S to N conversions

crosspost from an old FB post   Note: the good looking brackets aren't the ones i made. They're ones other guys made. I suck at fab. But you'll get the idea  draw it out carboard template (so you can get it to scale)  Fold it like you'd bend the metal grab some angle aluminum Cut and bend it like your cardboard.  hopefully your results are better than mine. but you get the idea           you can mount the cluster flat on it, or get the N brackets. If you're doing N triples, you need a couple brackets...

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"Mandatory" Mods

crosspost of an old reddit post: Another topic that often comes up... what "MUST" I do to a bike I just bought. While this is somewhat an opinion, here is the stuff you really really really should consider. 2 parts here: basic maintenance and basic mods Track guys, you need to be in a different thread cause your requirements are totally different... please don't turn this into a religious argument, i haven't gotten the paperwork for the hamster yet... TiresChainLightsBrakes/FluidOil/CoolantCables/Leverssuspension Let's break these down a bit Tires here's the deal, your tires are the only thing that's letting you brake and turn...

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suspensions and shocks and bears oh my

someone on svrider was asking for an opinion on zx or gsrxr shocks.. As with all suspension questions, the response is along the lines of "depends on your expectations?"   Wall of text follows:   The main thing to understand about suspension, is it very much depends on what you're doing with it. A slow street guy is going to have a different set of demands than a fast street guy, yet different from a beginner/intermediate track day rider, and drastically different from an expert racer. Your suspension can only be 2 things: good enough for what you're doing, and...

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